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Flexible solutions for aquaculture

Flexible solutions for aquaculture

At A-Consult, our in-house engineers and designers offer professional advice regarding construction methods according to your needs with a very wide range and variety. Our tanks for land-based fish farming facilities can be used for virtually all fish species, and there are a myriad of combination options – both in terms of the types of tank facilities and their applications.

That is why we work closely with customers and consultants to design and adapt our prefabricated concrete tanks to your needs and requirements. This helps ensure that your fish tank facility meets all standards, and at the same time we prepare it for different tank applications, electricity and control as well as integrations with pumps, pipes and associated equipment.

Equipment such as access ladders, platforms, hatches and stairs, as well as liners, coatings and roofs, can be attached and supported by the tank wall structure. 

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A-Consult provides you with complete, flexible and reliable solutions for your land-based fish farming facilities. Get in touch.


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