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Concrete tanks rising at sustainable fish farm

Case story was published in the Norwegian magazine Intrafish in August 2021 - which you can read right here (in Norwegian).

Concrete tanks rising at sustainable fish farm

Four tanks in function at the end of March 2022. That is the first goal for new, sustainable fish farm of Salmon Evolution on the Norwegian west coast. In all, the project comprises 48 tanks with an annual capacity of 36.000 tons. A huge project that takes good planning and motivated workers, says project director at Salmon Evolution, Kamilla Mordal Holo.

At the moment, Kamilla and her colleagues are focusing on finishing the installation of the first four tanks. They are happy that they chose concrete tanks as a solution, Kamilla states:

- We see concrete as a good choice. The tanks are robust, and we get this finish inside them that is smooth and easily washable. Furthermore, the tank construction is flexible – we have been able to adjust it to our purpose and place e.g. the doors where it was convenient. 

Tanks arrive precast

The concrete tanks from the Danish company A-Consult arrive precast, and it takes around 14 days to install two tanks. The corona pandemic has presented smaller delays in the process, but nothing that will affect the overall time schedule. 

Parallel to the installation of the tanks, Salmon Evolution is also building up the organization of the plant at Indre Harøy. Kamilla explains:

- When fully operating the first four tanks in 2022, we will have a staff of 25-30 workers in different functions. In 2028, the fish farm at Indre Harøy is expected to employ around 80 people. It takes some time to build up an organization like that.

First harvest ready for Christmas dinner

Crucial to a project this size with a lot of development is good planning and clear communication, says Kamilla. She is impressed by the motivation and focus of everyone on the construction site. Also, the ability to be solution-oriented is very important to the whole project.

When finished with the first four tanks in March 2022, the fish farm will set out the first batch of salmon. Inside the concrete tanks, each with a net capacity of 5.000 m3, the salmon is raised in seawater. Due to a hybrid flow-through system, 65 % of the water can be reused, and 35 % is new supply in the form of filtered fresh seawater. Combining clean and fresh seawater with reused water means, that energy consumption for pumping and heating of water is minimized. Waste and feed residues from the production are collected and used as raw material for biogas production and fertilizer.

At the end of 2022, the new land-based fish farm of Salmon Evolution will be able to deliver the first harvest of app. 100.000 salmon. Kamilla says:

- We expect to be able to provide the consumers with salmon for the Christmas dinner 2022.

Fact box:

The sustainable fish farm of Salmon Evolution

  • The total land-based fish farm of Salon Evolution includes 48 water tanks and will be completed in 2028.
  • First phase of four concrete tanks will be finished and ready for use at the end of March 2022.
  • The concrete tanks are built and delivered by the Danish company A-Consult, specialized in robust tank solutions.
  • Salmon Evolution is a member of the Norwegian aquaculture cluster. The company is driven by a highly competent team backed by strong industrial owners.

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